Parenting Coaching Now Available

Effective Coaches listen carefully to what their clients are saying. And what we are hearing parents say is:

I need help communicating with my teenager—we don’t speak the same language anymore.

I used to get along so well with my children, but something has happened, and now we are driving each other crazy!

Trust is gone in my family, and it feels like my kids challenge me at every turn!

We’ve been listening and we can help!

Rozanne Rucker has joined Synergy Life Coaching, bringing to the team her background and experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT-KY). Stress and exasperation in parenting are not new problems – you are not alone! – and there are tools that can make a difference. You are invited to schedule a complimentary Sample Session with Rozanne. This 50-minute session can help you determine if meeting with Rozanne would provide a welcome boost toward a happier and healthier family.  No sales pressure, no risk, and less than an hour of your time. Click here to contact Rozanne to request a complimentary Sample Session.

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