How Life Coaching Works

Welcome to the wonderful world of Coaching! 

The relationship between coach and client is co-creative, meaning we work together as equals in active roles. Coaches use honed communication skills to support you as a thinking partner. Together we create more power for you to effect meaningful change and take dynamic action toward the goals you choose. You set and control our agenda. This is Synergy!

Your Role As Client

Be prepared to answer the two questions that launch every session: "What do you want to talk about today?" and "What would you like to take away from this session?”

Arrive to every session on time.

Come to your session centered and ready to engage.

Give feedback in the moment about your coaching experience—what works as well as what is not working.

Be ready to identify specific actions you will take. Coaches ask clients to stretch themselves and deepen the work done in the sessions in a variety of ways. You are always free to negotiate, accept, or decline.

Be willing to change attitudes, habits, and assumptions, if you discover they no longer serve you or help you become your best self.

Our Role As Coach

We will listen closely to you and ask questions, responding to what we hear you say. If we hear something in your voice or language that sparks an intuitive thought, we are likely to ask you about it. Often, it is the small moments that bring about BIG shifts. If we are not on target, just say so. Coaches are not attached to being right.

Coaching is not psychotherapy, nor is it a substitute for psychotherapy. It does not deal with the same issues and is not covered by health insurance policies. Coaching is designed to give focus, structure, and support to achieving life and career goals. If the need arises for clinical counseling / psychotherapeutic services, a referral will be made.

Coaching is not consulting. If we begin dealing with areas within our professional expertise, and you would like to speak with your coach as a consultant, we can intentionally move into that role upon request. Fees will remain the same.

In adherence to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics, all our conversations are confidential. We might ask your permission to record a session for credentialing or training purposes but would only proceed with your written permission in advance.

If at any time you share information that involves the threat of harm to yourself or others, your coach will need to take actions that help to keep you and others safe. This is a legal requirement.

"But Wait... There's More!"

Between sessions, if you have questions or updates, or you want to bounce around an idea, you may contact your coach by phone or email. Please keep these contacts brief and to the point. We typically respond by the next business day.

As a client, you will be given access to articles, resources, and tools, some of which might be custom made for you. These resources will be yours to use as you please.

We can often help connect you with other professionals at your request. All services are contracted separately by the client.

How To Get The Most From Your Coaching Session

Make your coaching sessions a priority. Come to every session with a specific agenda—a clear understanding of what you would like to take away from each session.

Take notes. Keep a journal. Do your homework between sessions. Use what you learn. Complete what you agree to do.

Be open-minded. Try new approaches. Be willing to experiment. Many times we have to find what does not work in order to discover what does. Some of the greatest innovators and inventors in history testify to this!

How We Meet For a Session

Like many coaches, we prefer to meet for our sessions using the phone. This medium also works best for most clients.

You initiate each session by calling your coach: Fr. David at 904-599-5812 or Rozanne at 904-599-6082.

That said, for a Sample Session or the first session it is often helpful to meet via Zoom. Ultimately it is your choice according to your available technology. If you want to receive a Zoom invitation, request Zoom when you schedule a session or send an email to your Coach in advance. You will receive a secure Zoom invite at least a day before your session.

If you call in for your session and it goes to voice mail, please call back after at least one minute, as we might be finishing up with another client. Please do not leave a voice message and wait for me to call you back for a scheduled session. We might not receive your message.

After payment is received you will be given options for dates and times to meet through access to our calendars on-line. Please choose your Coach and use the Client Only option when booking. Rozanne’s clients schedule directly with her by email.

Sessions are 50 minutes.

Schedule Changes and Refunds

Please give our session high priority and arrange your schedule to honor our appointment. If you must reschedule, please give 24-hour’s notice. In any case, let your Coach know as soon as you are able. We rarely reschedule no shows/no calls, nor do we offer refunds for missed appointments.

On the rare occasion an actual emergency arises for either of us, we will reschedule that session as soon as possible.

Payment Information

The minimum retainer is for 30 days of service. This includes up to three (3) sessions from the time payment is received through the following 30 days. Sessions are 50 minutes. It is your responsibility to schedule your sessions.

Retainer fees are due in advance. PayPal is the preferred payment method. Invoices are sent to your email. Through PayPal you may pay securely with a credit/debit card or directly from your bank. If you don’t need an invoice you may send payments for sessions with any coach via PayPal to: If you pay by check, it must be received and cleared before your session.

Coaching fees may be tax deductible as a business expense. Please consult with your CPA or tax advisor. If you pay by check, you will not receive a receipt since the canceled check is proof of payment.

I look forward to our coaching relationship!

Current Retainer Rate/Fee Schedule:

❖ 1 month (3 sessions):   $425

2 months (6 sessions):  $725

❖ 3 months (9 sessions):  $950

❖ Want to include another person in a session? Talk to your Coach. 

Please Note: It is the client’s responsibility to schedule up to three sessions within each 30-day period. Sessions are typically scheduled 7-10 days apart. For Fr. David’s clients, as soon as payment is made, please go to Book a Session on this web site and use the Clients Only option. This tool is available at the bottom of every page and on the Home Page, and is accessible 24/7 for your convenience. For Rozanne’s clients, please schedule sessions directly with her ( If you have any problems scheduling please contact your Coach.