“Conversations” with Vic Downing and Fr. David in 2021

Welcome to the “Conversations” video series. The series was initiated, recorded, and edited by Victor Downing, founder of Global Advantage, Inc. For many years Vic worked with a select group of “Fortune 100” corporations to select and train their executive leaders. Though now retired, Vic still exercises his gift of wanting to make other people successful. He is a faithful member of Holy Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral, in Kodiak, AK. I was introduced to Vic by Archbishop DAVID of Alaska, of blessed memory, when I arrived on Kodiak Island to teach at St. Herman Seminary in January 2015. Over the next four years a friendship formed that continues to this day, for which I am most grateful. This project began when Vic sent two lists of questions to me, entitled:

What distinguishes an Orthodox Christian in America? 15 Issues I Hear Regularly and,

10 Questions People Who Aren’t Orthodox Want to Ask.

After I reviewed the lists and agreed they were good questions, he proposed having an informal, unscripted conversation with me about each question, just like we did almost every week in Kodiak, often with a small gathering of men, sharing strong cups of coffee. But unlike then, he wanted to record them. And so, it was agreed. These “Conversations” are not meant to be definitive theological teaching, but rather pastoral insights and applications from my own experience as a missionary whose job it is to translate the Christian message so that it can be “good news” (i.e., Gospel) to those I serve. One can go much deeper with every video, and do so with great saints and scholars, often quoted. I hope you will. And as always, “correct me where I have erred.”

Fr. David, St. Augustine, December 2021

Questions, comments, helpful suggestions for future recording? Feel free to write:  david@synergylife.coach


Recording Roster

  1. Why do we say “Lord Have Mercy” so many times in Orthodox prayers?

Recorded March 8, 2021  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPU7TV63-oI 


2. Why do Orthodox make the sign of the Cross?

Recorded March 8, 2021  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vxn2UMNGMW4


3. Why do Orthodox use icons, and stand in the services?

Recorded March 15, 2021  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeJraXr1tJA


4. An Invitation Into Reality: Repentance and the Kingdom of God

Recorded April 1, 2021  https://youtu.be/L6y5Qw3afnQ


5. Fatherhood, Community, and Forgiveness

Recorded April 8, 2021  https://youtu.be/-bqmQB0PVgY


6. Mary: What it Means to be a True Human Being

Recorded April 19, 2021  https://youtu.be/59pCrWEFF5I


7. Infant Baptism and Participation in the Eucharist: It’s not just about the baby

Recorded May 3, 2021  https://youtu.be/tvbjXN9U7I8


8. The Bible, The Fathers, Jesus, The Church… Truth?

Recorded May 10, 2021  https://youtu.be/odPhIXu6nzY

9. Good works, Grace, and Salvation (the value of Orthodox ascetical practices)

Recorded May 17, 2021  https://youtu.be/YDLotPMKQTA..


10. A Christian Understanding of Authority

Recorded May 24, 2021  https://youtu.be/zcWt5IPvQP8


11. Confession  

Recorded June 1, 2021  https://youtu.be/WY-VIbS_5Tg


12. Prayer

Recorded June 7, 2021  https://youtu.be/eYI1BC1KlFc


13. Sever Mercies: Illnesses and Death

Recorded June 21, 2021  https://youtu.be/x8X8cK4tXYU


14. Stewardship

Recorded July 12, 2021  https://youtu.be/7Vo_CaXwpYY


15. Hierarchical—Conciliarity and the Body of Christ

Recorded 7/19/21  https://youtu.be/S2s97FGsLPY

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