David C. Rucker, MDiv, DMiss (ABD), CC

I help people see light through the cracks in their lives.

Synergy: That mystical energy of co-creation between two or more persons.

This is what can happen through Life Coaching. 

Can you benefit from Life Coaching?

Are you facing fractured relationships, crushed dreams, or career disappointments? 

Or do you just need to recharge by getting a fresh perspective on your current stage of life? 

I offer to join you in exploring the “cracks” and finding the light.

People Who Want Life-Giving Relationships

Professionals At Crossroads

Christian Clergy & Missionaries

Life Coaching Method

There is a connection between how we see ourselves and how we relate to others. This affects our relationships with family, friends, and coworkers every day. When we dare to love and trust others, we give them power to enrich us but also to hurt us.

What do I do when I am hurt?

Do I choose never to love and trust again, becoming isolated and lonely? 

 Do I allow anger and bitterness to destroy my self-image and the relationships that were once important to me? 

Or is there another option?

Your Life Coach

David C. Rucker

Husband. Father. Grandfather.
Priest. Pastor. Administrator.
Life Coach.

Since 1982 I have served in Christian ministry as pastor/priest, missionary, missions administrator, and seminary professor. My wife and I have lived and served as members of evangelical Protestant and Orthodox Christian communities in various parts of the world.  So, why Life Coaching now? Good question!

Coaching helps me to be present and available to YOU. To listen–really listen–to you, giving my full and undivided attention, without trying to solve, fix, or be distracted with my own agenda. No shame. No judgement. No condemnation.

This kind of listening is one of the greatest gifts one person can offer another. It is a personal gift of mind and heart, and it is rare. The art is in the questions that come from listening well. Coaches listen and then ask thoughtful, intuitive questions based on what we hear and feel, and then we listen even more intently. The questions and responses can bring clarity and new options. They will help you identify what you really want, what it may cost you, and whether it is valuable enough to pursue. This is synergism. This is Synergy Life Coaching.

Quotes From Great Coaches

A good coach can change a game.
A great coach can change a life.
John Wooden
UCLA Basketball Coach
The battle in this world, the struggle, is not between structures and systems, political or economic. People like that idea. No! The struggle is personal. It is the Spirit of God and the spirit of evil. From that point of view...every personal victory over evil, maybe even unknown to the world, has an impact on the whole situation.
This life is given to us for our healing. Do not waste it on anything else.
St. Isaac of Syria


Reflections on life and coaching.

Facing our Fears

“More often than not, being brave means doing it scared” (Dn. Michael Hyatt). “Perfect love expels all fear” (I John 4:18a NLT). When we were very young, fear helped to keep us alive. When those who loved us threatened consequences for disobeying, fear kept us from running into a busy street. At the time we probably didn’t interpret those threats of punishment as love but looking back we recognize those warnings were motivated by our parents’ love for us. Thanks to fear, we survived childhood and are now reading these words. Fear of punishment, however, is only the beginning. As

What does the word “repentance” mean in ancient Christianity?

This video is part of a series of “Conversations” recorded and edited by Vic Downing, retired founder of Global Advantage, Inc. For over 30 years Vic has assisted in the mentoring of executive leaders in some of the largest corporations in the United States. Vic is also a faithful member of Holy Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral on Kodiak Island, Alaska. For four years I had the privilege of facilitating a weekly Men’s Group while teaching at St. Herman Seminary in Kodiak. Those men were not willing to settle for religious jargon or theoretical theology. They had serious questions about Christianity that

Reviews & Endorsements

Special thanks to all of my clients– some of the most wonderful people I have had the privilege of ever meeting! The synergism generated through my clients brings healing to us all. Fr. David is recognized and listed in noomii, an international professional coaching directory. Here are some of the reviews listed on this site: https://www.noomii.com/users/david-rucker#reviews